Raymond H. DuHamel

Raymond H. DuHamel, was born in Tuscola, Illinois, the son of S.S and Florence Maris DuHamel. He attended Springfield High school and earned his Doctoral in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Upon completion of his degree he obtained a position in the engineering department in antenna research. Where he added in the development of the Conical Logarithmic Spiral antenna.

Toothed bow tie
Working with Victor Rumsey and John Dyson the trio went to work developing a high speed frequency independent antenna for the United States military.  DuHamel suggested that by straightening Rumsey’s spiral so that is was in the shape of a triangle and added teeth and slots to the antenna. The end result was Duhamel’s “toothed bow tie” also known as the “log-periodic” antenna it was thought to be frequency independent. However after countless tests they discovered that this was not true and that it had the same limitations as the equiangular spiral.

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