People and Collborations


Ideas and innovations are the product of many minds. Explore the relationships and connections between individuals that made the innovations possible.
  • Broadband Antenna Collaborations
  • ILLIAC Collaborations
  • Photoelectric Photometer
  • Plasma Display Collaborations
  • PLATO Collaborations
  • Quantum Well Laser Collaborations
  • SAL MAR Construction Collaborations 
  • Theory of Superconductivity Collaborations


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  • Shoaib Abbasi, B.S. 1980, M.S. 1980 — President and CEO of Informatica
  • Marc Andreessen, B.S. 1993 — Co-creator of Mosaic, and later co-founder of Netscape
  • Bruce Artwick, M.S. 1976 — Creator of Microsoft Flight Simulator


  • John Bardeen 1908-1991 — BCS Theory of Superconductivity.  Won a Nobel Prize in Physics.
  •  Ken Batcher, Ph.D. 1969 – ACM/IEEE Eckert-Mauchly Award winner for work on parallel computers
  • Arnold O. Beckman, B.S. 1922, MS 1923 — Inventor of pH meter, founder of Beckman Instruments
  • Eric Bina, B.S. 1986, M.S. 1988 — Co-creator of the Mosaic and among the first employees of Netscape
  • Donald L. Bitzer B.S. 1955, M.S. 1956, Ph.D. 1960— 2003 Emmy Award in Technical Achievement for the invention of the plasma display
  • Ed Boon, B.S. 1986 — Creator of the Mortal Kombat video game series


  • Robert Carrel — Broadband Antennas, Log-Periodic resonant-V (LPV) array TV antenna
  • Richard Chan — Transistor laser
  • Steve Chen — Co-founder of YouTube
  • Ven Te Chow, Ph.D. notable professor of hydrology
  • John Cioffi B.S. 1978, father of DSL (broad band internet connection), Marconi Prize winner, founder of Amati Communications (sold to Texas Instruments), IEEE Fellow 
  • Leon Cooper — BCS Theory of Superconductivity
  • Hardy Cross — Hardy Cross Method 


  • Daniel W. Dobberpuhl, B.S. 1967 – Creator of Alpha and StrongARM microprocessors at DEC
  • Steve Dorner, B.S. 1983 — Creator of Eudora
  • Alan M. Davis, M.S. 1973, Ph.D. 1975 — IEEE Fellow for contributions to software engineering, author, entrepreneur
  • James DeLaurier, B.S. – designed the first microwave-powered aircraft, the first engine-powered ornithopter, and the first human-carrying ornithopter
  • Raymond DuHamel --  Broadband antennas, helped invent the log-periodic antenna.
  • Russell Dupuis B.S. 1970, M.S. 1971, Ph.D. 1972 – professor at Georgia Tech, co-recipient of the 2002 National Medal of Technology, awarded the 2007 IEEE Edison Medal, pioneer in metalorganic chemical vapor deposition and the commercialization of LEDs
  • John Dyson — Broadband Antennas, Spiral Antennas  


  • Brendan Eich M.S. 1986 - Creator of JavaScript and current CTO of Mozilla Corporation.
  • Lawrence Ellison — founder of Oracle Corporation (left after sophomore year) 
  • William L. Everitt --  Dean of the engineering college at Illinois from 1949-1968




  • Michael Hart, B.A. 1973 — Founder of Project Gutenberg
  • Lejaren Hiller (1924-1994)-Founder of the Experimental Music Studio
  • Tomlinson Holman, B.S. 1968 — creator of THX, professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts
  • Nick Holonyak, Jr.LED, Quantum well laser, Transistor laser, Improvements in vertical cavity lasers (VCSELs).    


  • Dwight Isbell — Broadband Antennas 



  • Jawed Karim, B.S. 2004 — Co-founder of YouTube
  • Donald W. Kerst — First betatron 
  • Fazlur Khan, Ph.D. 1955 — Designer and builder of the Sears Tower, tallest building in the world when it was built in 1973
  • Shahid Khan, B.S. 1971, Flex-N-Gate Corp. owner who purchased Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Jack Kilby, B.S. 1947 —Nobel Prize winner in Physics, 2000; inventor of the integrated circuit
  • Howard Knoebel — Electric Vacuum gyro
  • Ed Krol – author of Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog
  • David Kuck -- professor who worked on the CEDAR computer system
  • Jakob Kunz — practical improvements for photocells using alkali hybrids


  • Sir Anthony J. Leggett — Professor of Physics at Illinois since 1983, and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2003
  • Max Levchin, B.S. 1997 — Co-founder of PayPal


  • Salvatore Martirano (1927-1995)
  • Paul Mayes — Broadband Antennas - Log-Periodic resonant-V (LPV) array TV antenna 
  • Robert McCool, B.S. 1995 – author of the original NCSA HTTPd web server, later known as the Apache HTTP Server.
  • Ralph Meagher-- ILLIAC I and ORDVAC
  • George H. Miley — First electron beam diode pumped laser
  • Bob Miner, B.A. (mathematics) 1963 — Co-founder of Oracle Corporation
  • Herbert F. Moore — Solution to railroad rail failure problem 
  • Saburo Muroga (1925-2009)-Computer Science Pioneer


  • John P. Nash — ILLIAC I
  • Nathan M. Newmark (1910-1981) — Structural Design for Earthquake Engineering
  • Arnold Nordsieck — Electric vacuum gyro


  • Ray Ozzie, B.S. 1979 — Creator of Lotus Notes cofounder of Lotus, co-President of Microsoft


  • Bruce Parrello
  • Cecil Peabody, writer, graduate of MIT (1877) and professor at MIT
  • Ted Poppelbaum




  • Jerry Sanders, B.S. 1958 — Co-founder and former CEO of Advanced Micro Devices
  • Michael Schrage, 1980, Computer Science and Economics — columnist 
  • John Schrieffer — BCS Theory of Superconductivity
  • Thomas Siebel, B.A. 1975, M.B.A. 1983, M.S. 1985 — Founder of Siebel Systems
  • Daniel Slotnick
  • H. Gene Slottow, Ph.D. 1964[4] — 2003 Emmy Award in Technical Achievement for the invention of the plasma display
  • Nadine Barrie Smith, B.S. 1985, M.S. 1989, Ph.D. 1996 - biomedical researcher in therapeutic ultrasound
  • Joel Stebbins --Inventor of the Photoelectric Photometer.
  • Bill Stumpf — Designer of the Aeron and Ergon ergonomic chairs 
  • George W. Swenson, Jr. — Vermillion River Observatory




  • Bruce Vojak — Quantum Well laser


  • Gabriel Walter — Transistor laser 
  • Kevin Warwick, Senior Beckman Fellow, 2004 – Cyborg Scientist, University of Reading 
  • David Wheeler — ILLIAC I
  • Arthur Cutts Willard — Forced-Air Heating, Holland Tunnel Ventilation System
  • Robert H. Wilson — Plasma Display
  • Wilbur M. Wilson — Rigid-Frame Bridge Joints with high-strength bolts instead of rivets
  • David Woolley